PPT On Pronoun Agreement.

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pdf. There are 26 slides covering letters A to Z.



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punctuation. Actions in the present continuous.

This is a bundle of a course of 19 PowerPoint lessons suitable for ESL/ESOL students at a beginner level of English.

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Find a range of lesson plans to use with adult learners at beginner level. This verbs PPT is a fun game to practice 20 verbs for beginners.

A country woman goes to the city for the first time.
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If you are looking for a specific topic, one of these plans just may be the right model for you to write your own lesson plan off of.


A selection of English ESL greetings ppt slides. English Beginner - Unit 1 Josenilson S'ilva 3. .

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Each slide features a word starting with that letter sound plus a fun picture. In this ppt, i have explained all the aspects related to pronoun agreement.


A country woman goes to the city for the first time.



Present Simple vs Present Continuous - game.